Achieve your potential as a resource and project manager

Achieve your potential as a resource and project manager

Microsoft Project is the world’s leading desktop scheduling and planning solution, allowing you to manage portfolios, projects and individual tasks. However, in today’s competitive market, project managers are looking for more sophisticated methods of organizing their projects and getting the most from their resources at the lowest cost. There’s long been a need for a solution which helps project managers get more out of their data, improve how projects are resourced and achieve their potential as PMs. Tempus Resource is that solution: make sure you join our one hour webinar on 28 October 2015 for a live demo and see how you can be the best resource or project manager you can be.

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Traditional PPM tools can constrain your success

As one of the best known desktop scheduling and planning solutions, Microsoft Project has played a prominent role over the last 30 years when it comes to managing projects. However, as time has passed, unifying data across anywhere from five to five thousand Microsoft Project files, has become extremely complex, expensive and time consuming and in many cases, still doesn’t help answer those questions posed by businesses.

In this one hour webcast, our MD – Sean Pales – will show you how individual Microsoft Project files can be unified and leveraged for enterprise resource forecasting, scenario planning and ‘What-If’ analysis. As part of this demonstration, Sean will leverage widely available tools and also cite real world examples of cost savings and measurable business outputs.  

Tempus Resource solves problems and boosts productivity
Our webinar will place special emphasis on the following key questions that a Project Manager may struggle with:

  • When can I start a new project?
  • Where should I schedule a project?
  • What do I need to complete a project?
  • What happens if I cancel, move, split, expand or contract a project?
  • What happens if I hire or fire resources?
  • Where do I have capability gaps?
  • Where do I have excess capacity?

Leveraging real world examples, webinar attendees will learn how to solve these real world problems.

What will I get out of attending the webinar?
For too long, PPM tools have failed to address the key resource allocation questions that a Project Manager needs answering. This webinar will give you a deep understanding of exactly how Resource Management can help you reduce costs, manage projects more efficiently and surpass your targets.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage widely available tools to enterprise enable your local Microsoft Project files.
  • Answer critical business focused questions around project timing and resource allocation.
  • Identify critical resource bottlenecks in your organization.

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