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Are you still using Microsoft Project resource management?

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Microsoft Project is one of the world’s leading project management solutions. Its approach to Gantt charts, project timing, and rich feature set make it an indispensable platform for project management. However, in effective it isn’t Microsoft Project resource management tool. Nonetheless, many resource managers struggle by with Project when deciding how to allocate resources to programs of work. This is largely because Project includes certain features which help you manage resources, but these are limited. For anything but the most basic resource allocation, MS Project just doesn’t provide the power resource managers need. Read More

The role Resource Management plays in an effective PMO strategy

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If you’ve ever had the misfortune to work in an organization where project management was chaotic and disorganized, you’ll appreciate the value of a Project Management Office (PMO). Without a central body in place to ensure that projects are run consistently and efficiently, you risk sprawl, delays, and confusion. This not only leads to frustration for employees but also results in a perception of disorganization for your clients. Read More

How does data analytics affect resource management?

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Back in 2004, Hurricane Frances was tearing across the Caribbean towards Florida’s Atlantic coast. How did Wal-Mart use predictive analytics to stock their stores so people would have what they’d want in the aftermath of the storm?

  • They sent extra diapers and bottles of clean water
  • They delivered a bumper number of beer crates and strawberry Pop-Tarts
  • They increased stocks of survival gear and sleeping bags

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What is Resource Management?

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Despite its importance, many people are still left wondering exactly what is Resource Management? In this post we will take you through every level of Resource Management, from the basics to understanding how effective it can be in maximizing your business potential. We will be covering the business areas that rely most upon Resource Management to function effectively, and who benefits from successful Resource Management. By the end of this post, the only time you should be hearing someone ask what is Resource Management is when that someone is coming to you for the answer. Read More

The power of modelling

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How do you make decisions?

According to neuroscientists, our brains are wired to enable us, even unconsciously, to make the best possible decisions with the evidence we have available to us. That’s obviously a relief! Studies show that different kinds of decisions involve different parts of the brain. The frontal lobe, an area which is used for planning and reasoning is important for making abstract decisions – deciding what to study at college for instance. Concrete decisions, such as the physical movements you make when you do sport are made at the back of the brain and decisions made using visual information are made in the ‘parietal lobe’. Read More

How to master the art of getting your data into a ppm tool

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One of our goals when building Tempus Resource was to make it an extremely versatile product. We know that some customers use it as a standalone PPM tool, while others use it alongside existing an tool. So, we wanted to make sure we could support the flexibility our users demanded.

In this post we wanted to illustrate some of the ways Tempus Resource can be used, and the methods we support to get data in.

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Achieve your potential as a resource and project manager

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Microsoft Project is the world’s leading desktop scheduling and planning solution, allowing you to manage portfolios, projects and individual tasks. However, in today’s competitive market, project managers are looking for more sophisticated methods of organizing their projects and getting the most from their resources at the lowest cost. There’s long been a need for a solution which helps project managers get more out of their data, improve how projects are resourced and achieve their potential as PMs. Tempus Resource is that solution: make sure you join our one hour webinar on 28 October 2015 for a live demo and see how you can be the best resource or project manager you can be.

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On the road with Tempus Resource and Gartner

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One of the great things about ProSymmetry is being able to travel around the world and show clients the amazing things Tempus Resource is capable of. Recently, I had the chance to talk a little about our resource management tool in Texas, as well as teaming up with our European partner Program Framework in London. With a trip to Barcelona in November still to come, we really have been racking up the air miles!

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