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disengaged staff

How can you re-energize disengaged staff?

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It’s easy to realize why employee engagement is so important. Gallup, the research agency, has found that teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive. According to their 2017 State of the American Workplace report, however, the majority of the workplace is not engaged. What’s more, disengaged staff had 37% higher absenteeism and made 60% more errors, costing organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually in losses to productivity. Read More

resource forecasting report

3 ways to improve your resource forecasting reports

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Did you know Tempus Resource ships with the most sophisticated supply-demand report writer on the market?

With thousands of customers around the world, we have worked tirelessly to identify the most complex yet critical report writing capabilities demanded by resource managers, strategic planners, PMOs, executive management and others seeking the most informative graphics to summarize their resource planning.

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Tempus Resource: an alternative to using Excel for project planning

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Are you using Excel for project planning and resource management? For decades, Excel has been a popular choice and an essential tool for project and resource managers. However, this approach is becoming increasingly incompatible with the modern, digital and highly connected workplace. For organizations aiming to work faster, to work smarter and to put productivity first, there’s a better alternative to managing resources.

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resource portfolio management

Resource Portfolio Management (RPM): what’s in a name?

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Resource management has long been thought of as part and parcel of the project portfolio management (PPM) setup, relegated to being just another aspect to managing a project from planning to execution. And, while technically this is correct, when you don’t give resource management your full focus, your projects can really suffer. That’s why a lot of companies have recently begun thinking of the resource side of their projects as an entire project area that requires its own, deliberate focus right from the beginning of a project.

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resource tracking

3 reasons resource tracking timesheets are essential for project management

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Many projects get delayed because project managers lack insight into the true availability of their resources, or how long it takes them to complete tasks. By using timesheets for resource tracking, you can gain more accurate insights into how much time a specific kind of project or task would require.

Let’s look at why resource tracking timesheets can help your organization’s project management.

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stop excel resource management

Stop Excel resource management – it’s letting you down

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Searching for Excel resource management templates is often the first step project managers take when trying to get a hold on resources. Rather than just asking around the office to see who’s free, Excel resource management templates let you visualize who is available to work, how many hours they have free, and make it less likely that you’ll over or under-allocate work to specific employees.

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Crawl, walk, run – part 2: three essential factors for your project management solution

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If you read our previous post in this “crawl, walk, run” series, you’ll be acquainted with the early process of incorporating resource management into your organization. In part 2, we’re going to guide you from the basics of resource management right through to advanced levels of resource planning in your project management solution.

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effective resource management

The biggest challenges you need to solve for effective resource management

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In an ideal world, every project would run on time and within (or even under) budget. In reality, many projects show early signs of disorganization, start to spiral out of control, and eventually end up failing. Statistics underscore just how common this problem is: one in every three projects have no baseline; less than one-third of projects are completed on time and to budget; 75% of IT execs believe projects are doomed from the start… the list, unfortunately, goes on. Read More

professional resource management

Exploring professional resource management

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The knowledge we have regarding how we should treat our bodies has led to the standard of professional sports to shoot up in recent years. Compare the current standard of the NBA or NFL, for example, to that of  30 or 40 years ago. The understanding of nutrition, training and sports science has given athletes a huge advantage. Thanks to the latest research and technology, today’s elite sports stars are able to make the best decisions about how they train and compete, based on highly sophisticated and detailed metrics, allowing them to reach peak physical condition, increase their longevity and better avoid and recover from injury.

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