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Tempus Resource Review in Project Management Today

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We’re very happy that Project Management Today have recently issued a review of our innovative resource management tool, Tempus Resource; written by Steve Cotterell.

Steve’s review details the cutting-edge features of Tempus Resource that aim to make several areas of project and resource management easier. The article provides an overview of the software and the best ways it can be utilized. There is also a message from our VP Greg Bailey in there too, so make sure you check it out.

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Why Excel doesn’t cut it as a resource management tool

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More and more companies are leaving Excel behind for 21st Century resource management tools. Microsoft’s spreadsheets have been a staple with project managers for many years, yet the technology and the needs of the industry have moved on. While Excel is fine for small teams and limited programs of work, a more powerful solution is needed for larger, more dynamic projects.

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