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Crawl, walk, run – part 2: three essential factors for your project management solution

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If you read our previous post in this “crawl, walk, run” series, you’ll be acquainted with the early process of incorporating resource management into your organization. In part 2, we’re going to guide you from the basics of resource management right through to advanced levels of resource planning in your project management solution.

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Is resource availability slowing you down?

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Resource availability plays a fundamental role in resource management. Knowing which resources are available at any given time is an important factor in deciding how to distribute and allocate the right assets for any given project. How can you plan to build a bridge, for example, if you don’t know how many construction workers are available? But resource management is about more than just people. When we talk about resources, we are referring to: Read More

The biggest challenges you need to solve for effective resource management

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In an ideal world, every project would run on time and within (or even under) budget. In reality, many projects show early signs of disorganization, start to spiral out of control, and eventually end up failing. Statistics underscore just how common this problem is: one in every three projects have no baseline; less than one-third of projects are completed on time and to budget; 75% of IT execs believe projects are doomed from the start… the list, unfortunately, goes on. Read More

Exploring professional resource management

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The knowledge we have regarding how we should treat our bodies has led to the standard of professional sports to shoot up in recent years. Compare the current standard of the NBA or NFL, for example, to that of  30 or 40 years ago. The understanding of nutrition, training and sports science has given athletes a huge advantage. Thanks to the latest research and technology, today’s elite sports stars are able to make the best decisions about how they train and compete, based on highly sophisticated and detailed metrics, allowing them to reach peak physical condition, increase their longevity and better avoid and recover from injury.

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Go further with your project reporting tools

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Reporting is essential for understanding how your organization is performing against a whole range of metrics. In particular, this applies to creating reports as part of your project portfolio management (PPM). The Project Management Office (PMO) relies on the power of these reports to get a better understanding of the projects that your organization is running and the return on investment and overall value they bring to the business. That’s why your PPM solution needs to have strong project reporting tools to be able to handle the creation of several different types of reports. Read More




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