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ProSymmetry and Siemens Healthineers: Resource Management systems at full health

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For you to be successful in resource management, you need a clear and comprehensive view of all your resources. In healthcare, that equates to your human resources (clinical and non-clinical staff and their individual skillsets), budget elements like staff training, building and equipment investments, maintenance, labor costs… the list goes on. Acknowledging all these resources is one thing; balancing them is another. Healthcare organizations aim to deliver medical and patient care of the highest quality and in the most affordable manner. To do so, overall and project-specific resources need to be managed in unison, which can become quite the challenge.
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How can you ensure effective resource management?

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Project management (in the modern sense) has now been established for around 65 years, but it’s not difficult to argue that the concept of project management has been around since the beginning of history. As you would expect, it has gone through many changes in that time; however, it’s remained prominent due to the substantial, explicit values that many in the industry can relate to. Read More

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