Hundreds of customers and the industries most respected analysts aren’t wrong. As cited in the 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor and Hype Cycle reports, Tempus Resource is the tool of choice whether you have 100 resources or 100,000 – it’s simple to implement and easy to use.

Awesome Reporting

Designed from the ground up, Tempus Resource includes best practice and practitioner-based reporting capabilities to help you solve your enterprise Resource Management challenge. Drag-and-drop interfaces within an HTML5-crafted user experience make report writing a breeze, and the ability to expose filters and dashboards to end users maximizes the power of your reports.

project resource management
integrated resource management

What-If analysis

Tempus Resource will answer your questions and clarify the unknown from the moment it is deployed. Industry-leading ‘What-if’ analysis and scenario planning capabilities provide you with a level of instantaneous resource modeling. Measure the would-be effects of delaying, splitting and cancelling your projects, portfolios, and programs in real time. See the would-be effects of approving proposals, hiring and firing resources, or changing allocations on the fly. Find the answers to the best time to begin projects or proposals. The options are near unlimited.

Concurrent Data Manipulation

Because enterprise Resource Management is in our DNA, we view structured data differently than others. We know the realities that practitioners endure in both project-driven and matrixed organizations. Tempus Resource allows for concurrent data manipulation so you can update allocations for resources without preventing your colleagues from doing their jobs. While other systems lock access at the project level, we know that concurrent editing makes Tempus Resource the most usable ERP management solution.

project resource management
enterprise resource management

Approval Processes

For matrixed organizations requiring a thorough resource request and approval process, Tempus Resource is the answer. Flexibly implement your RM hierarchy and ensure resource requests flow through the right resource managers. Tempus Resource enables a negotiation capability where you can approve, reject, delegate or supply a mix of chosen resources. Audit trails accompany the entire enterprise resource plan process to keep everything in check.

Size Doesn’t Matter!

Whether you have 50 resources or 50,000 – Tempus Resource is designed to work with small, medium, large and even supermassive datasets. Not only do we preach flexibility in our functionality, we live it in our architecture. Our story and value proposition doesn’t change based on the size of the company, we mold to it. Regardless of your size, if you need to solve your enterprise Resource Management challenge, Tempus Resource can help.

enterprise resource management
enterprise resource management

Cloud or on-premises

The business world is a diverse place and we recognize the importance of delivering technology that fits you and your company. While many of our customers prefer the cloud, Tempus Resource can also be deployed on-premises in the most secure scenarios.

Standalone or integrated

We believe in coexistence: Tempus Resource’s direct entry capabilities are the gold standard for resource management, but we recognize you may have data in one, two, or ten different locations and therefore need a solution that can unify all your data. Many of our customers implement Tempus Resource alongside other PPM, HCM, or ERP management systems. Our flexible API allows for a limitless range of integrations.

enterprise resource management

Tempus Resource: Integrated Enterprise
Resource Management

Combining Tempus Resource and
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