Discover the keys to Resource Management success

Discover the keys to Resource Management success

Resource portfolio management is one of the most important challenges facing businesses today. Whether you oversee a team of ten or a company of 10,000, ensuring you have the right resources for the right job at the right time is incredibly challenging.

In today’s volatile market, challenges are often unpredictable and you need to be agile and ready to adapt. Those who can nimbly reallocate resources in response to new obstacles on the horizon and change their game plan when required will succeed. Those who don’t will struggle to stay afloat. So what are the keys to resource management success?

At ProSymmetry, we meet business people the world over who are struggling with key issues around resource management:

  • CEOs: your strategies fail because your business can’t adapt fast enough
  • PMOs: you are constrained by outdated or inappropriate software
  • Resource Managers: you are unable to flexibly and nimbly explore alternative resource allocation
  • Project Managers: your well laid plans simply can’t respond to the realities of resource allocation

Too many organizations assume that the best they can expect is ad hoc resource allocation and unpredictable project outcomes. To quote Gartner:

"What you want, as a portfolio or resource manager, is an optimized utilization of the resources you have, with ‘just-right’ commitments to get projects done and support existing applications. What you have is a tsunami of work requests to ‘get it done now’, some ‘back-of-the-envelope’ resourcing calculations and sliced-thin commitments spread out over a sea of work."

− Donna Fitzgerald & Teresa Jones, 23 September 2015
A new solution is needed

At ProSymmetry, we realize that today’s businesses are facing a range of challenges, many of which boil down to a lack of appropriate resources being available when and where they’re needed. To help you overcome these obstacles and become resilient to the unexpected shocks of the market, we collaborated with Gartner analysis to create a whitepaper that explores today’s resource allocation challenges.

Available for a short time only via our free download page, the report will provide you with the latest research, analysis and thinking on resource portfolio management:

  • Learn what Gartner says about resource management and which tools Gartner recommends in the free Market Guide included
  • Gain an in-depth overview of the field of resource management and get the edge over competitors
  • Find out why resource management is more important than ever in today’s globalized and high-tech market
  • Understand why your current project management solution doesn’t function as resource management tool
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by learning how to manage resources more effectively, proactively and flexibly
  • Discover how to align resources with an adaptive organizational strategy
  • Get exclusive access to Gartner analysis as well as in-depth research from major players
  • Save money and boost your bottom line with guidance on best resource management practice
Hurry! Align resources with strategy

Get instant access to cutting edge analysis of the interaction between strategy and resources. The report can only be made available for a limited period, so act now.

Gartner says:

"Strategies don’t fail for lack of planning. They fail for lack of agility or adaptiveness. Failure to deeply understand that ‘no plan survives engagement with the enemy’ contributes significantly to why work can get done, but results don’t get achieved."

− Donna Fitzgerald & Teresa Jones, 23 September 2015

Too many companies lose money, waste resources and see their strategies fall at the first stumbling block because they fail to adapt their resource allocation to the realities of the field. Don’t be one of them.

Download your free copy of Achieve Strategic Success with Resource Portfolio Management from ProSymmetry today and learn how to ensure strategic success.

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