Gartner Cool Vendor: resource management reaches the masses

Gartner Cool Vendor: resource management reaches the masses

This time last year, Tempus Resource was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor for its ability to provide a resource management solution accessible to the masses. Effective resource management is increasingly recognized as an essential aspect of running successful projects. And as anyone in the industry knows, when Gartner’s analysts pick up on a trend, it normally means something important is happening.

Gartner experts highlighted Tempus Resource in the report for its flexibility and ease of use, meaning that resource management need not be seen as a highly complex or niche activity, despite the added power it can bring to projects. To quote the report:

 “Tempus appears to hit the mark by providing either a SaaS or an on-premises solution focused on enabling better resource management designed for mainstream”.

 Since last year’s announcement, interest in (and the understanding of) resource management has grown. Just as Gartner predicted, it is now on the verge of reaching the masses and going mainstream. By allowing businesses to better decide how to manage resources and do more with less, resource management is allowing more and more organizations to boost efficiency and cut costs. So, if you haven’t joined the countless businesses who have opted for resource management solutions yet, is now the time?

Why is resource management growing in popularity?

Since 2016’s Gartner Cool Vendor research note was released, we’ve witnessed many more businesses begin benefitting from the precision and decision-making support that resource management brings. Why has resource management surged in popularity among the mainstream?

  • As Gartner highlighted, project managers are expected to complete ever more work with ever fewer resources. Using a resource management tool allows them to discover the best possible deployment of resources, using people in the most efficient way so capital is saved and waste on projects is limited.
  • Tools like Tempus Resource provide far greater granularity than traditional project management tools, meaning that resource managers can view how individual resources are being used on an hour-by-hour basis.
  • The ability to view resource over- or under-allocation via heatmaps and coolmaps allows resource managers to immediately discover any problems in the way resources are deployed.
  • Being able to flexibly test alternative resource deployment through ‘what-if’ analysis allows the discovery of more effective resource deployment, saving on money and time.
Tempus Resource improvements since Gartner Cool Vendor note

Since the Gartner Cool Vendor research note came out last year, the interest from resource managers and project management offices just keeps on growing in the mainstream. This year, we’ve been amazed by the demand for resource management solutions from organizations right across industries. Tempus Resource is now being used in sectors as diverse as healthcare and financial services, to name but a few.

And, to keep up with this demand, we’ve been continually improving Tempus Resource to better fit around the needs of project and resource managers in a broader range of organizations or, as Gartner put it, for “the masses”.

Smartsheet is a market-leading tool for managing projects and resources, and can now integrate with Tempus Resource to incorporate our centralized resource catalog, what-if functionality and more

  • APIs for integration with more connectors

Tempus Resource is focused on reaching the masses, and that means, above all, being easily capable of connecting with your existing tools for project management. See a full list of connectors here.

The masses are resource management ready. Are you?

Demand for flexible, sophisticated resource management tools continues to grow. Thanks to resource management, many more businesses are now capable of boosting the efficiency of their projects by controlling how resources are deployed in a more fine-grained manner.

Tempus Resource is user-friendly, available in the cloud or on-premises and integrates easily with a huge range of third party project and resource management tools. By focusing on ease of use and extendibility, Tempus Resource truly offers resources management for the masses. Taking the science of resource management beyond the niche realm of specialized professionals, Tempus Resource means any organization can now easily discover new solutions for improving their resource deployment.

Resource management is increasingly a part of the mainstream, in terms of how businesses think about how they will manage their projects and get most value from their resources. Those who adapt to the potential of resource management today will likely gain enormous benefits. So, are you resource management ready yet?

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