Integrated Resource Management: the list goes on

Integrated Resource Management: the list goes on

Both Microsoft Excel and Project Online offer project managers a powerful way of running their projects. However, as integrated resource management solutions, they don’t offer the same power as a dedicated resource management tool. We’ve spoken before about some of the restrictions users will come across when using Excel or Project Online when it comes to integrated resource management. Lots of time, effort and preparation is required if you want to turn raw figures into resource management data in Excel or Project Online.

However, if you’re trying to plan a project, and also prepare the number of resources you’ll need, you don’t want to constantly be switching between your PPM tool and your dedicated resource management program. That’s where an integrated resource management tool comes in. By easily connecting and syncing with your existing projects, and saving you the time required to rebuild your project plan in a different platform, you save a lot of time and frustration. Sounds good right? Read on.

A growing collection

As the world of resource management continues to grow, there are, of course, far more solutions out there than just Excel and Project Online. We have mentioned before how our integrated resource management tool, Tempus Resource, integrates with software like Smartsheet resource management to further resource and project managers’ skillsets and give them more flexibility. Smartsheet was quoted by Donna Fitzgerald of Gartner as being as if “Excel, Dropbox, Microsoft Project and email had a baby and its online… …a tool that does what people need to get work done”. A fitting description, as the tool can address (and solve) a variety of different business challenges.

It only takes a handful of updates to get Smartsheet integrated with Tempus Resource. By simply configuring the connection settings in Tempus and initiating synchronization between the two systems, your Smartsheet data is instantly at your disposal. So, whether you’ve been using the tool for five months or five years, any data you still need can be imported and ready to go into Tempus Resource.

Tempus Resource integrations

As the value of project portfolio and resource management increases, the tools we use to manage our resources to the best of our ability continue to grow. That means making sure we keep up with the pace. Tempus Resource integrated resource management bridges your project and portfolio data with the following tools:

  • Project Online
  • Microsoft Excel
  • CA Clarity
  • Planview
  • Workfront
  • Smartsheet
  • ServiceNow

…and the list goes on!

So, what does integrated resource management mean for the end user? Ultimately, you get more flexibility. By integrating the system (or systems) you already use like those listed above into a platform like Tempus Resource, you can forecast and model your current resources to make more informed decisions and do more with what you have. The more integrations you use, the more flexibility you have.

How does Tempus Resource support integrated resource management with the aforementioned systems?

  • Central resource catalog

A unified resource catalogue means you can assemble all your resources from different sources in a centralized resource pool. From there, you can search, group, sort and filter all your resources to allow for in-line or bulk editing—meaning you can update your resource data in place, on screen, right in front of you.

  • Dynamic grids

Taking a page out of the Excel spreadsheet, direct data entry supports drag-and-drop, click-and-drag and copy and paste features. Fans of Excel will feel right at home (only their home got a brand-new extension and all the latest tech!)

  • Integrated search and intelligent filtering

It’s great to collate your resources from your different systems, but without the capability to manage them all, you could quickly get swamped. Integrated search means that users can find the items they need, no matter how many hundreds or thousands of resources they’re searching through.

  • Bulk update

Initial data entry takes up time and slows down your productivity. With Tempus Resource, you can add multiple resources in a single instance to eliminate the complex and time-consuming nature of initial data entry.

Efficiency stems from flexibility

We often preach that less is more when it comes to resource management. The best tools provide you with added features and functionality with the resources you already have, letting you do more with what’s in front of you. We’ll admit it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but we believe more is more when it comes to integrated resource management. The more flexibility you have, the more you can achieve.


For more information on the platforms Tempus Resource can integrate with, or to learn more about integrated resource management, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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