Tempus Resource Review in Project Management Today

Tempus Resource Review in Project Management Today

We’re very happy that Project Management Today have recently issued a review of our innovative resource management tool, Tempus Resource; written by Steve Cotterell.

Steve’s review details the cutting-edge features of Tempus Resource that aim to make several areas of project and resource management easier. The article provides an overview of the software and the best ways it can be utilized. There is also a message from our VP Greg Bailey in there too, so make sure you check it out.

Reaffirming our beliefs

Since its conception, we have all been strong believers that Tempus Resource fills a gap in the market when it comes to project and resource management, and so it is great to see the tool getting that kind of recognition from others too.

Steve does an excellent job in documenting many of the features that Tempus Resource has to offer for Project Management Today. From setting-up the tool itself to creating custom fields and new projects, the Bulk Project Allocation function, and much more. In particular, the “Ask Tempus” feature seemed to leave its mark as an originative and extremely useful component.

"'Ask Tempus' is a heuristic view that allows you to ask Tempus a set of queries. I found the way that this innovative screen works to be particularly interesting. When an answer is needed quickly, say during a meeting, this feature could be particularly useful."

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