Creating a resource utilization report: Excel vs. Tempus Resource

Creating a resource utilization report: Excel vs. Tempus Resource

The ability to create a resource utilization report, where you can view how your employees are being deployed across projects, offers huge benefits to your business. Once you have introduced a monthly resource utilization report, you are much better prepared for planning your long-term budget and can decide with greater confidence on what projects your organization can do. Long term, this will support your growth as an organization, while saving you money. You’ll know when you can hire more resources, what skills you’ll need and accurately predict the costs involved.

When they start out trying to create a resource utilization report, many organizations turn to Excel. It is possible to create a visual representation of how resources are deployed across your projects in Excel—and to begin with, it makes sense as a solution. However, over time, Excel starts to show the strain when you try to do anything more than the most basic resource utilization report.

Tempus Resource is designed specifically to support businesses with the management of their resources. If you’ve been getting headaches creating resource utilizations reports in Excel, read on to find out how Tempus Resource gives you so much more power and flexibility.

What should be included in a resource utilization report?

Your resource utilization report is only useful when it has real practical benefits, helping the business make better decisions about how many resources you need on board. Whatever tool you use to create reports, it should let you:

  • View over or underutilization
  • Map individual resources to projects
  • Show gaps in resource availability
  • Explore alternative resource allocations

Beyond these basic features, you should ideally be able to carry out more detailed analysis of the data to make predictions and improvements to your resource utilization.

Tempus Resource versus Excel

Tempus Resource is designed to give organizations much greater clarity over how resources are deployed through its flexible and easy to use interface. Let’s look at why it would be easier to use Tempus Resource than Excel when creating a resource utilization report:

Over or underutilization

  • In Excel

You need to create a pivot table which includes fields for over or underutilization of a resource. Filling this in will require the inputting of formulas to eventually produce a current resource utilization chart.

  • In Tempus Resource

Easily create interactive views of resource utilization which allow you to quickly make choices, including heat maps which visually represent true resource utilization.

Resource utilization by project
  • In Excel

Use a static data grid and then manipulate your data to create a step line to benchmark resource capacity for the project by month.

  • In Tempus Resource

By connecting Tempus Resource with your project management tool, you can rapidly draw in all your existing projects and resource utilization on each project. You can then map how resources are deployed to your projects and take a high-level view for a general resource utilization report of all your projects, or drill down to individual projects and resources.

Discover gaps in resource availability

  • In Excel

Once you have modelled your resources in Excel, you can apply filters to discover which individual resources are being used on a specific project.

  • In Tempus Resource

Like Excel, Tempus Resource can help you drill down to individual projects and see how the resources are being deployed. But it goes further: by being able to view a specific resource, you are also able to see how they are being distributed across other projects. In Excel, you might see that one resource appears to only be working 10% of the time. In Tempus Resource, you could investigate and discover that, in fact, they are being used 110% of the time when other projects they work on are factored in.

Explore alternative resource allocation

  • In Excel

It takes significant experience with Excel to make predictions about resource utilization in future, which leaves you relying on guess work when trying to understand possible outcomes.

  • In Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource has powerful ‘what-if’ analysis capabilities. It allows you to carry out tests on various potential resource deployment models, helping you see what would happen to resource allocation and project cost if you removed resources, changed project deadlines or paused a project.

Tempus Resource is incomparable

If you need to create a truly valuable resource utilization report, turning to Excel will, in the long run, hold back your potential for really understanding how resources are deployed. Tempus Resource is designed to help you better understand resource deployment, but most importantly, give you the power to make better business decisions. As it is, Excel just doesn’t offer up the power or the flexibility to really test out scenarios and draw real insights form your data—insights that could save you millions, all while expanding the business.

To learn more about Tempus Resource and how it could help your organization grow while saving money, contact us today for a free trial.

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