Have you ever used Smartsheet resource management? It’s awesome.  It’s easy to use, simple to get started, and inexpensive.  Thousands of organizations agree with you.  In fact, according to their website 15,000 new projects are started on a daily basis in Smartsheet!  That’s insane and very cool.

It’s another reason why Smartsheet was named a 2015 Program and Portfolio Management Cool Vendor by Gartner Research.  In the research report published in April 2015, analyst Donna Fitzgerald had this to say about Smartsheet and why it’s “Cool”:

"Smartsheet is cool on many different levels. According to one customer, it is cool because "Excel, Dropbox, Microsoft Project and email had a baby and it's online." The basic value proposition is that it is one tool that does what people need to do to get work done and offers visibility and transparency at the same time"

− Donna Fitzgerald

In our experience, we see Smartsheet as smart option because it can address so many different business challenges.  However, from the perspective of project portfolio management we see it’s benefits as threefold.

Super Easy

With an intuitive interface and simple user experience, Smartsheet is super simple to use.  Who doesn’t know how to use a spreadsheet?  It’s nearly effortless to get started creating and tracking new projects.  Whether you combine projects into individual Smartsheets or break them out, you can flexibly design solutions for your business problems including those related to program and project management.


As a web based, enterprise-class, solution, Smartsheet easily scales to meet the growing demand of any organization.  Tens of thousands of organizations rely on Smartsheet and more than 15,000 new projects are launched from its interfaces every day!  Watching the success of Smartsheet for addressing critical work management demands, others quickly join in, hence the typical growth from one group to another within organizations using Smartsheet as the backbone.  In other cases, Smartsheet is introduced to solve challenges faced by other, non-project, aspects of a business.  Whether it’s human resources, supply chain, or marketing, organizations are able to leverage Smartsheet is a wide range of very clever ways.  Ultimately, users looking to manage work, can find an adequate solution with Smartsheet.


Smartsheet is inexpensive.  How else can we say it?  Given the volume of business challenges it is capable of addressing; it pays for itself in no time.  When combined with its ease of use, scalability and accessibility, what’s not to like?

 Smartsheet Resource Management

With all of Smartsheet’s capabilities and in light of its ease of use, it’s no surprise that users accelerate rapidly.  With this acceleration a gap is exposed, namely the inability to address critical resource portfolio management processes.

No Centralized Resource Catalog

Whether stored in single Smartsheet or distributed across hundreds, no centralized resource catalog exists.  The entire Smartsheet resource management process foundation is built on a centralized resource pool or catalog.  From this singular pool we can identify skills, roles, departments and other attributes as well as resource manager relationships and whether resources represent demand planning or are named in nature.

No Clear Picture of Resource Supply and Demand

Without a centralized resource pool, forming a clear picture of your resource supply, demand, allocations (under and over) becomes a significant challenge.  How do we know our base capacity?  How do we know the available supply?  And in turn, how can we answer questions about supply and demand over time?  Doing Smartsheet resource management assumes we can answer these questions without cumbersome manipulations.

No What-If Analysis Functionality

Being able to present alternatives to management is a key output of Smartsheet resource management.  Users seek the ability to – in near real-time – deliver to management strategic options around project delivery and resourcing, and while Smartsheet enabled data capture of all supporting elements including projects, resources and allocation, there is no capability to quickly roll-up these data and prepare simulations of reality from which strategic decisions can be made.

So, Can Smartsheet Play a Role in Resource Portfolio Management?

Closing the gap requires a solution that is able to formulate a centralized resource catalog with robust attribution capabilities.  Remember, it’s not enough to answer questions about resource allocation by name.  For even mid-sized organizations the questions are more complex and dynamic.  Knowing the association between resources and skills, roles, locations, capabilities and resource managers is expected and valuable in handing options and answers to management.

The solution must include a range of Smartsheet resource management focused features and functions not requiring complex and time consuming (i.e., costly) configurations and enhancements or customizations.  It should provide visualizations or supply vs demand using your organizations resource-centric attributes.  You should be able to rapidly access data relevant to resource portfolio management decision making without delay and also be able to augment your decision making with a rich set of what-if analysis functionality to entirely close the loop between basic data capture and sophisticated strategic machinations.

Tempus Resource was built to be flexible – allowing integration with a wide variety of tools including Smartsheet.  Tempus Resource is the proven resource portfolio management solution which embraces co-existence with Smartsheet.

Capture Data in Smartsheet Synch to Tempus Resource

Continue using Smartsheet to generate new and capture existing projects.  Only a handful of updates re needed to complete the integration with Tempus Resource.  Once in place, simply configure the connection settings in Tempus Resource and initiate the synchronization.  In a matter of minutes, your Smartsheet data instantly become part of the leading resource portfolio management solution with project and resource inventories fully populated.

Configure the Integration
smartsheet resource management
Centralized Project Inventory
smartsheet resource management
Centralized Resource Catalog
smartsheet resource management

Analyze, What-If, Report

With your data imported to Tempus Resource, the array of features that have made us the Gartner Cool Vendor for 2016 and Emerging Technology vendor become available.  Robust security model, user management, resource and project attribution, sophisticated reporting and industry leading what-if analysis all become available to you and your entire organization without any complex setup or configuration.

Perform Leading Edge What-If Analysis
smartsheet resource management
Craft Sophisticated Reports
smartsheet resource management
Drive Decision Making in Real Time
smartsheet resource management

Augment Smartsheet Data for Expanded Strategic Intelligence

While Smartsheet will remain your system of record for initiating new projects and managing existing, there may be times you wish to augment the data for planning purposes.  For that reason, Tempus Resource includes features that allow you to quickly model scenarios such as the import of new project proposals on the organization or adding new headcount or reorganizing headcount.  Much of this work can be done in Tempus Resource without impacting your Smartsheet data while enabling extensive resource and project forecasting.

Spin Up New Proposals for Planning
smartsheet resource management
Bulk Edit Resource Allocations Across Projects
smartsheet resource management
Manipulate Project Financials
smartsheet resource management

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