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The state of Resource Management: An interview with PMzOne’s Daniel Zitter

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  • 50% of all projects are not resourced properly and 20% of all projects should never have been started in the first place
Those are some pretty alarming statistics, right? For those of us who work in the PPM / Resource Management world, we would never knowingly start a project that is destined to fail from the outset. Yet the findings from this November industry report by the Project Management Institute suggest that we need to do much more to make sure our projects start off on the right foot. Read More

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The 5 key skills of an effective Resource Manager

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The news that U.S. job openings are at a record high is something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it shows employers are bullish about the economy going forward. However, the pace of hiring across the nation hasn’t caught up with the number of jobs out there, suggesting HR teams are struggling to find resources that have the right skills and talents.

If your job involves managing resources, you’ll be well aware of the damage that being short on skilled staff can have on the business. Read More

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How can you ensure effective resource management?

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Project management (in the modern sense) has now been established for around 65 years, but it’s not difficult to argue that the concept of project management has been around since the beginning of history. As you would expect, it has gone through many changes in that time; however, it’s remained prominent due to the substantial, explicit values that many in the industry can relate to. Read More

On the road with Tempus Resource and Gartner

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One of the great things about ProSymmetry is being able to travel around the world and show clients the amazing things Tempus Resource is capable of. Recently, I had the chance to talk a little about our resource management tool in Texas, as well as teaming up with our European partner Program Framework in London. With a trip to Barcelona in November still to come, we really have been racking up the air miles!

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Welcome to our new look Tempus Resource blog!

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2015 has been an exciting year at ProSymmetry. We’ve been working with a continuously growing client base, travelled to shows across the nation and around the world and our team have been hard at work adding great new features to our products – in particular to Tempus Resource. It was therefore high time we began updating our blog with fresh news and views and start giving back to the resource management community through our Tempus Resource blog.

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