We’ve been quiet for a few months.  That’s about to change.  The truth is we are experiencing unbelievable growth and that means all hands on deck to add customers, add features and add headcount to our amazing team.  During this time some awesome things have taken place.  One of the most awesome is being named as a 2016 PPM Gartner Cool Vendor!

In their report titled Cool Vendors in Project Portfolio Management, 2016 published April 2016, analyst Robert Handler had this to say about why we [Tempus Resource] are cool:

“ProSymmetry provides a resource management solution accessible to the masses. With multiple Gartner evidence points showing resource management is a serious concern for virtually all organizations, any vendor that provides a tool or service to enable better resource management is cool. Tempus enables flexible setup of resource pools, along with monitoring of their activity.”

Why should you care?  First, we totally want to brag about being named a Cool Vendor.  Second, and more importantly, organizations struggle with solving resource management.  Let’s face it, whether you are managing a PMO in IT or product development, odds are you face a pretty monumental task trying to answer your most pressing resource management questions.

Are you able to answer management’s most fundamental – resource-centric – questions?  In particular, if asked to simply provide a roll-up of total allocation, total capacity, percentage allocation, and remaining capacity.  Could you do it?  More importantly, could you do it right now?

The problem for many practitioners, and I think this is why many avoid dealing with resource management altogether, is that the problem appears too big to solve and answering even the most basic resource management questions isn’t realistically achievable in a time constrained situation.

Where things really go haywire is that management and the business are moving at a much faster pace where it’s not just good enough to provide the basics.  Management needs timely – as in “right now!” – answers to questions around resource what-ifs such as:

  • What if we approve proposals 1 through 5? When can we do them?
  • If we fire 50% of our business analysts or specialty scientists or test engineers, what happens?
  • Our new CEO just asked us to delay all work in southeast Asia, what’s that going to do to us?
  • Give me some options for delaying Project A, where can I reschedule it?
  • I don’t believe the estimated from our engineering director in Malaysia, can you double it and see what happens?

The questions are endless but all come right back to resource management.  The basic blocking and tackling aren’t enough.

What makes Tempus Resource so cool – in our opinion – is that it can answer all of these questions in real time.  Sure, it can handle the basics, but it excels at taking you to the next levels without batting an eye.

But, hey, we took the time to write this blog, so let’s specifically address each point made by Gartner Cool Vendor.

1. “ProSymmetry provides a resource management solution accessible to the masses.”

Hundreds of customers and the industries most respected analysts aren’t wrong.  As cited in the Gartner Cool Vendor Report and the Gartner 2016 PPM Hype Cycle reports, Tempus Resource is a tool for the masses, whether you have 100 resources or 10,000 resources, Tempus Resource is simple to implement and easy to use.

Whether you have 50 resources of 50,000 resources it doesn’t matter.  Tempus Resource is designed to work with small, medium, large and even super massive datasets.  Not only do we preach flexibility in our functionality, we live it in our architecture.  Our story and value proposition don’t change at different company sizes.  If you’re looking to solve your Resource Management Challenge, you need to talk to us.

2. “Tempus appears to hit the mark by providing either a SaaS or an on-premises solution focused on enabling better resource management designed for mainstream.”

The business world is a diverse place and we recognize the importance of delivering technology that fits for you!  While many of our customers prefer the cloud, Tempus Resource can also be deployed on-prem.  Behind an air-gap?  No problem.  Tempus Resource can easily be deployed in the most secure scenarios.

3. “Although Tempus can stand alone, it is also designed to integrate with existing PPM solutions, which should appeal to mainstream, as it often struggles with the PPM vendors’ more rigorous approach to resource management.”

Live and let live!  We believe in coexistence.  Sure, we believe Tempus Resource’s direct entry capabilities are the gold standard for resource management, but we recognize that you may have data in one, two, or ten different locations and you need a solution that can unify those data.  No problem.  Many of our customers implement Tempus Resource alongside other PPM, HCM, or ERP systems.  Our flexible API allows for a limitless range of integrations.

Our genesis revolved around integration with tools like Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Project Online, CA Clarity, Planview, Workfront and many other PPM players.  We have grown to include far more integration options including Smartsheet, Service Now, and laundry list of other enterprise solutions across the PPM, HCM and ERP spaces.  Our flexibility has allowed many enterprise customers to integrate multiple systems into Tempus Resource, and then use Tempus Resource as the decision making lens for resource management and scenario planning.

Programmatic flexibility is a cornerstone of our success.  Our scalable and dynamic API enables integration and automation opportunities for our partners and customers.  Contact us today with your integration wish list and we can make it happen.

4. “It also provides the ability to request resources.”

For matrixed organizations requiring a thorough resource request and approval process, Tempus Resource is the answer.  Flexibly implement your resource management hierarchy and enforce resource requests flow through resource managers. Tempus Resource enables a negotiation capability where resource managers can approve, reject, delegate or supply a mix of resources they choose. Audit trails accompany the entire process.

Don’t just take our word (or Gartner’s) for granted. Contact us today to learn more about Tempus Resource and – specifically how we can help you to solve your resource management challenges.

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