Tempus Resource goes from strength to strength

Tempus Resource goes from strength to strength

We take great pride in ensuring Tempus Resource is constantly updated not only with the latest usability and UI enhancements, but also innovative new features and functions. Software updates are a vital part of making sure a product is constantly improving, and our very own Tempus Resource follows that fashion. More and more clients from companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of precise resource management, in part due to how simple we make the whole process. Our new features take this premise even further.

We are constantly updating Tempus Resource with the latest iterations, working hard to create a valuable resource tool that can be used as either an extension to other PPM tools or as a standalone tool itself. Last month we released a whole raft of new features that really help users get more out of their resource management. Read on to find out exactly what’s been refined and why it makes Tempus Resource the best it’s ever been.

Improved compatibility with Microsoft Project

We always listen to our users, and one of the big things we hear time and time again is a desire for better compatibility with Microsoft Project, be it in the Cloud or local or On-Premises versions. We are really pleased to announce that we now offer enhanced support in a number of ways.

With these changes we have tried to support a wider range of use cases for Tempus Resource. So, if you make extensive use of Microsoft Project (whether it’s the desktop client or online variants) you can use Tempus Resource to add resource management capability to your team. Project Managers can continue to use Project as they do today for more traditional task based functionality, but now have the option to jump into Tempus Resource (making use of the same set of data) and utilize our rich resource management tools.

Tempus Resource now offers a number of new features such as direct data entry and further integration with other popular PPM systems.

  • Microsoft Project Import

You can now import local Project files (MPP) directly to Tempus Resource, along with the ability to map local resources. This will enable global resource forecasting and scenario planning for those currently using the Project desktop client.

  • Project Online sync

Along with the ability to sync local files, Tempus Resource supports sync (scheduled or on demand) with Project Online.

  • Project Server (On-Premises)

Not a new feature, but very popular with clients so worthy of a mention here. Tempus Resource can easily be configured to sync with an On-Premises installation of Project Server.

July feature list

A big release back in July added a host of extra features to help improve the overall functionality and performance of Tempus Resource. These included:

Slide bar shadow

The new slide bar shadow improves how contextual information is conveyed through the visualizer. When altering project timing, Tempus Resource will now display the ‘before’ position along with the ‘after’ position.

Delta Graph

Users can now enable delta information in the Graph view. This clearly shows ‘before’ and ‘after’ positions of allocation data against base capacity.

Multi-select filtering

We had a lot of feedback regarding adding and editing models in Tempus Resource, so we’ve introduced multi-select filters to help you find exactly what you need faster than ever.

Data Synchronization Alerts and auto-updates

When connecting to Project Server, users will now be alerted when the ‘Calculate from Utilization’ value is changed for any project in the model. Tempus Resource can also auto-correct changes in the model setup. This means people who run projects on both softwares don’t have to worry about things not being up to date on both.


We are always trying to improve the user interface of the product, so we have added tooltips to clearly explain the ever expanding set of features.

Go-To Reporting

You now no longer have to exit a model to go to the reporting features, as users can now rapidly navigate from any open model.

Expanded support for currency formats

Additional currency support has been added including ILS, INR, NOK, and JPY.

Expanded Opportunity Map capabilities

The Opportunity Map has been updated with new features as well, including:

  • The ability to run by resource aggregate as well as name resource
  • The ability to apply a selected Opportunity Map output to the model
  • Identify optimal project timing with the click of a button – by named resource or by attribute simultaneously

And that’s not all! Other new features include support for inter-project dependencies and creating relationships between projects.

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