Resource management is an unpredictable science. Projects get cancelled, resources leave and budgets change. Resource Managers need to be prepared and ready to adapt to new circumstances. Tempus Resource‚Äôs ‘What-If’ analysis tool allows users to flexibly find solutions for real world challenges, and avoid the over allocation of resources.

Implement Your Findings

What-If analysis allows you to discover the best resource deployment solutions, highlighting where you have over allocation of resources or under-allocation. Better resource deployment equals more efficient use of labor.

Prepare For Change

What-If analysis allows you to ask questions of your data and projects. They let you test your ideas and discover alternative resource allocations and visualize how changes will impact on your costs and the over or under use of your people. Exploring these questions is hard if not impossible in other PM tools; Tempus Resource makes what if analysis easy.

over allocation of resources

"We needed a tool that would be robust, easy to use and able to perform fast, flexible 'what-if?' scenarios so that we could make decisions in a properly informed way"

− Yoav Shulman, Fundtech's VP PMO Manager for Israel

Make data driven decisions and address common project resourcing questions

  • What happens if I extend or reduce project deadlines?
  • What happens if I hire or lay off workers?
  • What happens if there is an over allocation of resources?
  • How do changes in one project impact on another project?
  • What happens if I split a project?

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