How to master the art of getting your data into a ppm tool

How to master the art of getting your data into a ppm tool

One of our goals when building Tempus Resource was to make it an extremely versatile product. We know that some customers use it as a standalone PPM tool, while others use it alongside existing an tool. So, we wanted to make sure we could support the flexibility our users demanded.

In this post we wanted to illustrate some of the ways Tempus Resource can be used, and the methods we support to get data in.

Common use cases and data options

When adding new features, or working on the roadmap, we try to put ourselves in the minds of our users. To do that we create personas, which help to describe ‘typical’ people and scenarios. For example:

  1. A Project Manager at a small company

A company made up of 25 employees. Tempus Resource is used as a standalone tool, with users inputting their data directly into the PPM tool. As the company is small, adding in data isn’t too onerous, plus our unique interface makes data entry super simple.

  1. Head of Project Management Office at large enterprise

Running a large PMO department with a team of analysts, Project Managers and Resource Managers, Tempus Resource is again used as a standalone PPM tool. The team currently uses Excel to manage data, and so might be hesitant at first to transfer their data over. It’s one of the reasons we make it really easy and accessible to import spreadsheets.

  1. Senior Project Manager at a healthcare company

This firm currently uses a combination of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel for their project management activities. Using Tempus Resource as a standalone tool, users can effortlessly import their data across from Project and Excel using our interface.

  1. PMO director at multinational oil & gas firm

This company has a number of different PPM systems, including a Project Server instance connected to individuals and a JIRA instance used by internal development teams. Tempus Resource is implemented as an extension of an existing PPM tool, and users import their data from their existing tool automatically.

PPM Tool

So, if you want to sync or import your existing data into a PPM tool, what are your options? We support two key approaches:

1.     Direct data entry

We have built an interface in Tempus Resource that supports easy direct data entry. From copy and pasting Excel data, to filters and usability tested grids – we think those adding data right into the tool with find it an intuitive and stress-free process.

2.     Integrating data

One of the most recent new features added to Tempus Resource is better compatibility with Microsoft family, in particular Microsoft Project. A deeper integration has been on our roadmap for a while and we are pleased we can now deliver on it.

If your current data is sitting in a PPM tool such as Microsoft Project or any of its variants, it has never been easier to get your data into Tempus Resource:

The Microsoft Project Family includes the On-Premises and Desktop versions of Microsoft Project, as well as Project Online.

  1. Project Server On-Premises

It’s easy to configure Tempus Resource to sync with an On-Premises installation of Project Server. In fact, our team can do it for you. We can configure your instance of Tempus Resource to sync directly with the Project Server database. Ask us for more information.

  1. Project Online

Tempus Resource supports both scheduled or on-demand sync with Project Online. Via the tempus Resource interface you can set either option. Great for doing an initial data dump, or setting up ongoing synchronization.

  1. Project desktop client application

Tempus Resource now supports the import of local Project files (MPP).

Other Project Portfolio Management tools

Whilst we know many of our customer’s work with the Microsoft stack of tools, we know that other vendors are also very popular. The good news is that Tempus Resource can be integrated with any PPM tool, using our bespoke System Integration Module. That includes tools like:

  • CA Clarity
  • HP PPM
  • Planview
  • Jira
  • Oracle Primavera
  • SAP
PPM Tool
Supporting business benefits

It’s all well and good knowing exactly how you can get your data into Tempus Resource, but why is that such a good thing? We introduced Tempus Resource to Cameron & Associates, showing them how easy and straight forward their resource allocation can be.

"A part of our innovation consulting activities is that we always struggle with the issue of resource allocation and bottlenecks. Using Tempus Resource allows us to see the bottlenecks early and address them as part of the planning process in a dynamic way."

− CEO, Cameron & Associates

Whatever your goals, whatever the size of your company, and whatever tools you are currently using, Tempus Resource is able to meet your resource portfolio analytics needs.

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