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Tempus Resource, from ProSymmetry, is a real time resource management tool that uses powerful ‘What-if’ simulations to model project data. Take control of your organization with state of the art resource portfolio analytics.

Simplify Resource Management

Tempus Resource is quick to deploy, easy to master, and powerful enough to handle the most complex of project portfolios. 

Identify Cost and Labor Savings

Tempus Resource makes quick work of analyzing cost and labor savings across any number of complex project plans and data sets.

Utilize powerful simulation tools

Run and analyze complex simulations, and make data driven decisions. Tempus Resource tames the resource management challenge.

Our powerful proprietary technology performs instant what-if simulations at the touch of a button. Go stand-alone, or integrate with your existing PPM environment. Manipulate, experiment, juggle and report without impacting live data.

"We were looking for a tool that would help us see into the future. To align our resources with current projects as well as with our future pipeline. When we came across Tempus Resource and explored its technology in depth, we knew it had the ability to meet our largest, most crucial resource needs."

− Zikki Munyoo, Director of the PMO, Silverchair



Discover how Tempus Resource can help your organization to harness the next generation of resource management tools.



Find out how Tempus Resource helped Silverchair to make better, data driven, decisions and overhaul their project planning processes.

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Find out how Tempus Resource is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry, helping them to tackle their portfolio planning issues.


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